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Pre-Swim Conditioner


Printed in the March-April 2010 edition of SWIMMER Magazine
(The Official Magazine of U.S. Masters Swimming)

Pre-Swim Conditioners
These products are applied prior to swimming. They fared well with testers prone to naturally dry skin or hair. The only complaint was the extra minute or two required to apply them, which sometimes resulted in them getting forgotten in the swim bags of time-constrained testers eager to jump in for workouts. The swimmers with extremely dry skin or hair did not consider this a deal-breaker and were glad to have products that helped protect skin and hair before swimming.

Naturceutics $17.00
Nature’s Prescription Pre-Swim Conditioner (hair)
This product was given to testers with dry, curly or color treated hair, and women who were already using a conditioner under their swim caps. The testers were all pleasantly surprised to find that the product, although thick and creamy in texture, did not make their swim caps slide off, as their regular conditioners were prone to do. Curly girls loved the calming effect on their hair and noticed an immediate difference in frizz reduction and a healthier shiny appearance. One tester noted that because of the thick coating it placed on the hair, extra shampooing was necessary to remove the product after swim practice. Another tester remarked that the scent of this product, while not unpleasant, stayed in her hair even after shampooing and conditioning.

Don't go swimming again without protecting your hair from the damaging effects of cholrine!
Now you can protect your hair from the damaging effects of "chlorine" and prevent your hair from turning "green".

Nature's PrescriptionTM special formulation is designed to protect and moisturize the hair prior to swimming or other outdoor water activities. Its unique formula creates a moisture protecting barrier, which protects the hair from "swimmers hair" or "green hair" caused by chlorine or salt water. Pool water, although soothing to your body, can be very hard on the hair. The chlorine

used to destroy bacteria can also strip moisture from your hair or even turn it green. A natural sun protectant and light sunscreen have been added for additional protection.

The Pre-Swim Conditioner contains natural ingredients such as Aloe vera gel, beeswax, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, shea butter, mango butter, sesame oil, and jojoba oil.

Cathy Fedako
I love Pre-Swim Conditioner! I am a competitive swimmer who swims about 5 times a week for over an hour in chlorinated pool water with the Sarasota Sharks Masters Swim program. Before I used your product, my hair dresser recommended I do weekly treatments to remove the chlorine - an expensive, time-consuming option. Luckily for me about that time we did product testing at our pool for the USMS Swim magazine, Swimmer. I tried many products  and discovered Pre-Swim Conditioner. I have been using it ever since. Each morning I work it into my hair before I put on my cap. Then wash my hair as soon as practice is over. Since I started this regimen, my hair dresser has never commented on my damaged hair again. I'm sold on it's benefits and glad that I can get it easily online. Over the years, I have shared this product with my fellow swimmers and made a few converts out of them.
Thanks!  Cathy



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