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Customer Testimonials

"My hair was dry and frizzy and I've used many different conditioners from different companies and never liked the results, they made my hair dry and hard to manage. Pro-Moist Mask I made my hair soft, frizz-free and gave it a smooth silky look with plenty of body when I blow dry and curl. I really like it, and my daughter uses it too." 

Pam Morgan, R.Ph., C.Ph. - Brandon, FL

I thought this was really helpful in preventing me from having to wash my hair every time I went swimming. It really helped my hair to not soak up all the chlorine water. I have dreadlocks and this product was really a lifesaver!

 Geri - Abingdon, MD

“I got pick and tricky dry hair. It scared me when I am trying to learn how to swim but fear for gross dry weeds hair. So I tried all sorts of conditioners and pre-swim conditioners to try and protect my hair. I used this the first time around, went for a swim for 90 minutes with this one and washed my hair after I'm done. I can't BELIEVE how soft my hair is after using Nature's Prescription Pre-Swim conditioner. OMFG! I had NEVER been able to get my hair to feel that soft EVER!!! Excellent product. I'm hooked I'm going to order more of this!!!

 Dana - California

"My hair was very dry and I also experienced some breakage. I tried the Pro-Moist Mask I Conditioner and my hair became more silky and the breakage stopped. I'm very satisfied and recommended it to many of my friends." 

 Jeanie Satchel - Lithia, FL

“I've tried the MVP Formula Shampoo for myself and couldn't believe the difference after one use. The main ingredient, aloe Vera, helped my hair feel softer and look smoother. Even my husband noticed the difference.”  

 Lizz Harmon - Tampa, FL

"I love your product, which is why I spend and send so far to get it. I am in auto sales but if I wasn't and had free time, I would propose a Rep. Job with you."

Bill Gilmore - Omaha, NE

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! My mother’s bald spot has closed in and she raves about your products. I’m getting ready to use these products on my great niece's hair because she has a lot of damage, split ends, breakage, etc. I’ll keep you posted.”  

Robyn Conyers - St. Petersburg, FL

“I have been using the complete line of Nature’s Prescription products for over two years. It provides the right amount of moisture to my hair without making it feel weighted down. My hair is more manageable and less frizzy. An added bonus of the products is its great smell!”  

 Sherissa Williams - Tampa, FL

“I had surgery on my neck and they cut my hair from the top of my head down to my neck. I tried everything but it wasn’t growing back. I also had a weak spot on the right side of my head that wouldn’t grow more than a half inch. Thank God and your products. I have more than five inches on the side and shoulder length on the back. All this happened in less than a year. Nature’s Prescription products are the only products I use and will continue to use.”  

 Evet R. Flanagan - Oakland, CA

“I have been using this wonderful product for three years. I had tried different products before but none of them worked. My hair came out about five years ago, only in the top front of my head, completely out like men's hair recede. This is the only product that made my hair come back. It is not as thick as I would like yet, but it is getting there. I use the M.I.S.T. daily and will continue to do so. Don't stop making it because it a great product.”  

 Joyce A. Primus - Tampa, FL

“In the summer of 2004, I took a swimming class and my greatest concern was my hair. I knew that the dry climate of the Mojave Desert where I live was not kind to hair. I also knew that the added exposure to chemicals and chlorine could possibly have devastating effects on my hair. I searched for a product that would counteract the effects of the chemicals, chlorine and the harsh dry conditions of the desert. Successfully, I was able to locate Naturceutics, Inc. on the web. Nature’s Prescription products are wonderful! The Pre-Swim Conditioner provided a remedy. I am happy to say that my hair is doing wonderful. I have continued to use the complete line of Nature’s Prescription products and the results continue. I have improved hair growth and strength. Thank you, Nature’s Prescription.”  

 Hazel Love - Lancaster, CA

“I started using Nature’s Prescription about a year ago when I was having breakage problems with my hair. Since then I’m happy to report that I’m no longer a having breakage and my hair is longer and healthier than it’s been in years. The secret is in the M.I.S.T.”  

 L. Leon - Tampa, FL

“It is a wonderful product. It has given great body and fullness for my texture of hair. As we grow older the hair seems to be very fine, that has happened to mine. This product has been good for me. I highly recommend Nature’s Prescription shampoos and conditioners." 

 Rubye Nelson - Tampa, FL


“I’ve compared Nature’s Prescription products to other leading brands for African American hair and I’ve found your products to have more moisturizing properties than the others. Since switching to Nature’s Prescription I’ve experienced improved hair growth and thickening personally and also in my clients.” 

 Valerie Philmore (Stylist) - Live Oak, FL

“Nature’s Prescription products have proven to be an answer to my prayers for hair maintenance! For years, I have been searching for a line of products that would not only promote growth, but also make my hair healthier. I have finally experienced the difference since using these products. I love not having to mix and match products anymore. I use the complete line of Nature’s Prescription products with outstanding results.”  

 Saundra Trower - Tarpon Springs, FL

“Often I change hairstyles and Nature’s Prescription makes it easier for me to do so. With all the maintenance that goes into keeping my hair healthy and shiny, Nature’s Prescription has helped enhance the growth and texture. Thanks Naturceutics!”

 Patrice Monigan - Tampa, FL

“I’ve been using Nature’s Prescription products for over a year on my hair and also on my daughter’s hair and I’ve noticed a vast improvement in the health of our hair. My hair was extremely dry, thinning and prone to breakage, but since I started using the M.I.S.T. on my hair daily, my hair became less dry which resulted in less breakage. My daughter's hair was even more severely dry than mine. I braid my daughters hair and leave the braids in for days at a time, this combined with swimming did damage to her hair by leaving it extremely dry and fragile. It would take me hours to detangle her hair after shampooing. I started using Nature’s Prescription Pre-Swim Conditioneron my daughter’s hair as a hair-dress before braiding her hair. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my daughters hair down that her hair was not nearly as dry and less tangled after shampooing. I noticed a difference in her hair within days." "I'm very pleased with Nature’s Prescription products and would highly recommend them."  

 Gwen P. Terrell - Parkland, FL

“I recently purchased your MVP Formula Shampoo and Pro-Moist Mask I Conditioner along with the M.I.S.T. and absolutely love the products. They do an excellent job of keeping my hair moisturized and have virtually eliminated the bad hair days that come with the ever increasing humidity. I have recommended your products to several friends.” 

 Rasheedah Sabree - Tampa, FL

“I have used Nature’s Prescription MVP Shampoo for the past year and find that my hair is more manageable and shinier. I also use the Silky Control Lotion for manageability and find that it works best for me because it is lighter in weight. I highly recommend the Pro-Moist Mask I & II Conditioners. My hair combs and feels much softer. Thank you Naturceutics!”  

 Ann Kato (Beauty Consultant) - Wesley Chapel, FL



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